Purple Passion Smoothie

Most mornings I start my day with a delicious smoothie! This morning, I was craving a fruity, refreshing smoothie that would kick start my day. Purple Passion was perfect! Here’s the recipe.

2 riped bananas ( the riper the sweeter) 

1/3 cup of raspberries and 1/3 cup of blueberries 

1/2 cup of almond milk(I used vanilla)

1/2 tsp of chia seeds and 1/3 teaspoon of lemon extract( you can substitute for a real lemon also)

Handful of spinach (about 1/3 cup) 

Blend about 1 minute and enjoy 😊 

Food for Thought

I recently traveled to Alexandria for work, and typically I stop at a local Asian Fusion Restaurant, but this time I decided to just eat in the mall to save on time. Of course my choices were limited with only options of chicken, burgers, and one Chinese Cafeteria style restaurant . I’m typically not a Chinese food eater because I do not like buffets and in the past Chinese food has been hard on my stomach. 

This time I decided to give this style of Chinese food another shot. I ordered the white rice, veggie egg rolls, and mixed vegetables. The Asian lady looked at me and asked , “Just all Vegetables?” I hesitately answered “Yes”, not knowing what response to expect. She looked at me and replied, “All vegetables good to eat”! She told me how Chinese people eat at least 50% of vegetables in their meals! I was so surprised, because looking at all the options on the buffet which were 95% meat! 

We spoke about benefits of plant based diets and she proudly said, “In China, they have very little cancer and no high cholesterol illnesses. She proudly spoke about how small people are there and how there life expectancies are longer. She explained her daily eating habits and some of her favorite dishes. Most if not all that she spoke about were NOT options on the buffet line. I was perplexed. Here it was, this lady speaking confidently about her homeland and their diets, however she was serving a totally different options for our land. Where is the disconnect with this?? I started thinking about why I started this journey…. so I can have a choice…so I can take control of what I put into my body! Because she is right! I did the research and Chinese people do eat less meat, live longer healthier lives, and are not battling the cancer epidemic! Here is a great read that talks about the Chinese Health….. another clarification that I’m on the right path! Check it out!

My Journey….Your Journey…Our Journey 

Breakfast Skillet Potatoes and Vegan Sausage

Here is a super easy and delicious recipe that will fill you up! It is easy to make and refrigerator “friendly”! 


4-5 red Potatoes

1 small bell pepper(I choose red, but green will also work)

vegan sausage(I used tofurky chik and apple)

1 tsp minced garlic or garlic powder

1 tsp onion powder, paprika, onion salt, pepper 

1 TBS parley

1 TBS salt ( I use Sea salt)

5 TBS of oil( I used coconut oil)
Heat oil on Medium heat. Rinse potatoes and cut them in cubes. Chop up your bell pepper. Once the oil is warmed, Add potatoes, bell pepper, and all seasonings in the Skillet. Cover Skillet and let them cook for about 10 – 12 min, stirring occasionally. 

While the potatoes are cooking, cut you Sausage in rounds. After about 10-12min of the potatoes medley cooking, add in your Sausage. Stir and continue cooking for about 10-12 more minutes. Reduce heat if needed. Serve hot! 

***The recipe feeds about 2-4 and Can be used as a side dish, breakfast dish, dinner, etc! Enjoy!!

Note – Pancake Recipe is on the blog also! 

Holiday Blues or Not

It’s the time of the year that most new vegans dread…..the holidays where there is typically less options for you to eat! Maybe you are still new to this Journey and any temptation sends you in a tailspin or maybe it’s smelling and seeing your favorite being cooked. For me it’s neither. My plan was to have a plan! Be prepared! My thoughts are take something for you to eat, maybe 1 of your favorite Vegan/Vegetarian dishes and bring enough to feed your friends/family. It’s the perfect way to begin conversation about your food diet! Plus most people will ” cheer you on” and will be impressed with the progress you have made. 

Another option is to take food to put on the grill. Their are so many options from Vegan Burgers, vegan chicken, vegan sausage, vegetables etc. At no point should you feel that you can’t handle it, and if some reason you end up eating things that are not Vegan/Vegetarian it’s OK 👌 ! I have learned throughout this journey, one day doesn’t define you, one day doesn’t change your course! Yes you will have regrets, but remember a journey without mistakes and changes is no Journey at all! 

Fortunately for me, my mommy, one of my biggest supporters made sure I had some vegetarian options to eat! So yesterday was not a “Blues Day” but a Great Day, because not only was there good food for me to eat, but I also got to spend time with those that I love and to me that what truly matters the most on holidays💓

Journey of a Fit Chic Q&A

As I continue with my journey and continue to publicize my new lifestyle, I have had several questions regarding my change to eating a vegan diet. So I have created a Q&A to answer those questions. Check it out. 

1. Why did you decide to become Vegan?

A – For me, I didn’t choose it, it’s almost like it chose me! My husband had started eating a Vegan diet about a year ago and honestly I was NOT interested. I told him I could never do it. After seeing his progression with eating vegan and working out, I became more curious. About 2.5 months ago, I made a Vegetarian meal and I ate that meal for 3 days…. for lunch and dinner(cheese enchiladas). After that,  it dawned on me, ” I can do it!” I began researching information online, reading others journeys, and checking out recipes. I couldn’t believe it had so many health benefits! I cooked my first Vegan meal the very next day! And that began my journey.

2. Where do you get your protein? The dreaded question! 

A- I think we are all taught to believe that protein only comes from meat, but that’s not true. Lots of protein come from vegetables. Check out the link below👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽


3. What Bad symptoms did you experience when you first changed your diet?

A- In the beginning, I experienced some bloating from gas and stomach cramps. On the positive side, these symptoms stopped within the first 2 weeks of my body adjusting. 

4. What positive changes have you noticed since you have changed your diet?

A- I have experienced an increase in energy, less bloating, a feeling of satisfaction after eating(not a feeling of being stuffed). I have regularity in bowel movements from the increase in fiber. I have also experienced more weight loss.

5. What weight loss have you experienced?

A- Prior to changing my diet, I had already started working out 3-5 days per week. I had lost 10lbs when I started working out. Currently I am down  22lbs and 2 sizes! That does include doing cardio, weight training and changing my eating habits. I feel great! 

6. I heard Vegans only eat salads?

A- On the contrary, I eat a variety of foods. Actual I probably only eat salad once a week or in conjunction with my meal as a side. I have made several delicious recipes and are working on other recipes. I love being able to explore other ways to take traditional recipes and transform them into a Vegan Dish. Check out other post for some of the recipes I have made.

7. What’s your favorite Vegan dinner recipe you have made?

A- Hands down, it has to be my recent dish. Quinoa Taco Filling. It’s so good! I ate them as tacos, nachos, and soup. I can’t wait to make it again. 

8. What’s your favorite Vegan dessert recipe that you have made? 

A – This is a hard one! I love desserts! It’s a tie between my banana walnut Muffins and peanut butter blondies! Check the blog for the recipe.

9. Is eating out at restaurants hard or do you just not go out to eat anymore?

A – As many of you know, I’m from a small city in Louisiana and yes Vegan is not as “popular” here as it is in other places, however that has not stopped me. When I know I am going out to eat, I check out the menu online first to be prepared. So going to a restaurant, I already know what I want to order. I have been several places in my city and have found some delicious options. Most restaurants now actual offer a Vegan/Vegetarian option. My go to places are Asian Restaurants not buffet but More of Asian Cusine. Also Mexican restaurants and some of the chain restaurants like Chiles and Olive Garden have a variety of options too. 

10. Are you afraid people won’t understand or mock you for being different? 

A- Absolutely not! Most people have been positively curious! My family has been curious and supportive also. So for me, this experience has been very positive which is one of the reasons I decided to share my journey with the public.

11. Is it expensive to eat Vegan? 

A – It’s like any other cooking you do. You have to have your staple items. Check out the blog for the list of staples. I have noticed a decrease in my grocery bill by $100. We all know meat is expensive, however buying beans and vegetables are much cheaper. Where we tend to overspend is on items for my 6 year old who eats both a Vegan and Western diet. Now that I have my staples, my goal is for the month of September is to track my food spending. I will update on the blog in October what my findings are.

12. Why did you choose you publicize your experience?

  • A – Why not! We live in a world that is very technology and social driven. People are constantly posting their weightloss journeys, exercise routines, etc. I think it’s so important to see an everyday person changing their lifestyle. As business professional, a traveler, a mom, and a wife, I live the everyday life of work, family, and everything in between.  If I can do it, anyone can! I want to empower other who want to change their lifestyle, whether you choose To go Vegan or not, there is a path that you can take to find a healthier you! This is my Path, my Journey!  

*** Reach out to me via comments, email, etc. I am here to answer any questions. Thanks for reading and following my journey💓

My Journey Your Journey Our Journey

The Pancake Debacle 

I’ve been on the roll lately cooking up many vegan dishes that have been amazing from Banana Walnut Muffins, pastas, mexican dishes, and cookies. All of my recipes work great and I was feeling like I got the swing of cooking vegan style.

What started off as a great cooking weekend for vegan dishes ended up on a flat note….literally! This is how my weekend started. Saturday morning started with a delicious smoothie and then for lunch I had a vegetarian pizza from Newk’s. For dinner my hubs made a delicious Creamy Veggie Pasta that was so good.( I will post the recipe this week for this) So that night, I contemplated what my next vegan dish to make would be. I figured it was time to make pancakes. 

I searched many sites and also used my original pancake recipe for ideas. I had a great plan and all the ingredients to get started. So Sunday morning, I gathered all the ingredients and began to work on the pancakes.

I begin to scoop the pancake batter on the hot skillet. So far so good.. about 4-5 min cooked on 1 side, I flipped the pancake to the other side to begin cooking. As soon as the pancake was “cooked”, I grabbed one to taste, because I couldn’t wait to taste my new masterpiece. To my dismay, the batter was still too mushy. So I let the rest cook, checked it again in 3 min, still too mushy. So now, I’m getting concerned, thats about 10 min cooked on each side and still not the texture I was expecting. The outside looked nice and had a slight crisp,  but the inside was very cake like and mushy. So I immediately called my husband over and we contemplated so many ideas to save the remaining batch of pancakes. We tried different temperature options and adding more milk to thin the batter some. We even conceplated putting in the oven to fiinish cooking. 

At this point, Im starting to feel frustrated. So I decided to just cook the remaining batter for 5 min per side and roll with it. Either we eat them or we don’t. I made a fruit compote to go on top that was good, so maybe it would be my saving grace. 

After I finished cooking all the pancakes,  I called Layla, my 6 year old  and my husband to the table for breakfast. Here it is the moment of truth…would they be somewhat edible or not.  Layla picks up 3 of the pancake “frisbees” (lol thats what we named them) and placed them on her plate. I pour her maple syrup and gave her some fruit compote and just stood there to watch to se what her response would be. She gobbled her frisbees up lol. She said they were different but good. My husband also ate his, even though it was probably more out of not wanting to hurt my feelings. I asked them to rate the taste of the pancakes and Layla said, “100. ” Lol!  My husband said, “6 out of 10.”  So not bad scores. 

It resonated with me, that its ok to “mess up” on this journey. I will have winning recipes and some recipes like this…the pancake recipe where it will take more than once to get it just right. I’m just happy I have the support of my family on this journey , and no worries,  I am more determined to master making pancakes now! As soon as I do I will post the recipe! 

My Veggie Cravings

Eating Vegan/Vegetarian has made my taste buds explode. For me now,  the flavors in foods are more pronounced and eating something like candy seems more flavorful and taste so much sweeter than in my “preveggie days!”  Lol new word alert “Preveggie”!🍅🍆🥑🍄

I am exploring ways to cook the things I previously loved by making them healthier and vegan acceptable. I have created a list of items that I can’t wait to try with my new taste buds. So here goes:

1. Gumbo…If I haven’t said it often enough, I’m a southern girl who enjoys all things Southern. And of course a bowl of Gumbo is a Louisiana signature dish.

2. Cheesecake… One of my favorite desserts ever. I had an amazing cheesecake recipe(preveggie), so know I have to  recreate an amazing Vegan Cheesecake Recipe.

3. Cornbread Dressing. Yes, my mind is on Thanksgiving and it can’t be complete without cornbread dressing with gravy and cranberry sauce. Absolutely delicious and something  I will be making in the near future.

4. Pancakes and Waffles… a must have item. I can’t wait to turn this into an amazing dish.

5. Peach Cobbler..yes I love my mom’s homemade peach cobbler with a double layer of crust and a scoop of ice cream on top. This will probably be one of the hardest to make into vegan, but I’m up for the challenge!

****I can say, I am currently working on a recipe for 1 of my top 5..so keep checking back for updates!

Southern Boys Red Beans and Rice…Vegan Style

I am a Southern Girl and their are certain things I refuse to give up and one of those things are eating red beans and rice. I am so happy that my husband has created a flavorful recipe for this southern tradition. Enjoy!!!IMG_4138Southern Boys Red Bean and Rice

Ingredients                                                                                                                                                2 lbs of red beans rinsed and sorted, 1 large yellow onion, 3 cups chopped celery, 2 chopped red bell peppers, 4 TBSP of minced garlic and thyme, 2 TBSP cumin, 2 TBSP of oregano, 3 TBSP of cilantro,  6 bay leaves, 3 cups of cherry tomatoes (optional)

Put beans in a large pot and pour in 8 cups of water. Turn the heat on high and bring to a boil. Once boiling add in the chopped yellow onion, chopped celery, chopped red bell peppers, minced garlic, thyme, cumin, and oregano. Stir and once it starts boiling again reduce heat to medium.

Cook until beans softened about 2.5 hours…added water if needed. Add in salt and pepper to your taste.

Mash beans with a potato masher or spoon to create a thickening of the bean juice..a gravy.

Add in chopped cherry tomatoes and cilantro. Turn heat to low and let simmer for about 30 min…stir occassionally.

Turn off heat and let it stand for about 15-30 min

****Serve with your favorite rice

For a visual and more information click on the link!






 Cheer up Buttercup! 🦋

I was going through my closet looking for something to wear and I started to get frustrated because my choices were very limited I thought. It’s not that my closet is not full of clothes but the fact that over half my closet doesn’t fit. I started to get upset and rant to my husband about how I have nothing to wear. I stated to him, “It’s different for me, because I work in the public eye.” He didn’t reply, Then I told him, ” I must be dress elevated at all times and represent the company well.” He still didn’t respond. So at this point, I was starting to get more upset… 1-  I couldn’t find anything to wear, 2 -he didn’t understand my dilemma. So I begin to tell him that its expected for us to stay trendy and how could I if for every 5 lbs I loose, I would need new clothes.  I couldn’t possible go to work in baggy, saggy clothes or gaping shirts. I told him,  “its’ easy for men because all you do is put a belt on tight and then pull your shirt over it.”  Finally he looked at me and said, “Well I guess you were born with the wrong sex organs.” I immediately burst into laughter.

Here I was ranting about how my clothes were too big and didn’t fit anymore…really just really! So I started to think about it, a year ago they were snug and I was complaining that I need to lose weight. So really should I be complaining! No, I don’t thinks so!

I took a deep breath and started to think about things differently. I’m happy my clothes are too big, because it represents my progress. When I look at those old clothes I see sadness, I see a person I don’t want to be anymore, I also see motivation.. Motivation to stay on my journey and knowing that since I’m down almost 2 sizes I can go even further.

It’s so funny how in the midst of the “storm” when I thought I had no choices, all it took was 1 reminder of where I was, where I am now, and where I want to be. My choices were clear, cheer up “Buttercup” because the choices were looking right at me. I can choose to be sad about my “wardrobe dilemma for the day or I can see the positive in it and remember the journey it took to get there.

P.S.No worries though, he ignored me because he knew among the clothes that didn’t fit were some brand new pieces that did and what didn’t work would soon be replaced because absolutely no Saggy clothes for me!